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Hello and Welcome to HowWierd XML Files. What you will find is the XML, a DTD, and XSL for the contents of a recipe.These files will be of interest if you are learning or want to learn XML. If you're new to XML you will probably have many questions. To learn more about XML the XML Resources would be a good place to start.

the files

You need Internet Explorer 5.0 or some means of viewing XML files to see the results of these files. The source of XML documents can be viewed and edited in a text only editor. Viewing and manipulation of an XML document requires an XML parser.

The files you'll find are:

  • recipe.xml (a working sample)
  • recipe.dtd (a dtd that works with recipe.xml)
  • recipe.xsl (xsl that transforms recipe.xml to html with style)
  • recipe_notes.xml (same as recipe.xml with comments)
  • brownie.xml (recipe.xml filled with delicious data)
  • brownie.htm (brownie.xml transformed to html)
  • howwierd_recipe.zip (all the above files zipped)

Warning: While these files will work for storing and diplaying recipes there are better ways. These files are for learning purposes.

I have a lot of thoughts and files (online and off, stored and in my head. Email HowWierd if you're interested in further development of the recipe files and also cookbook files (but that's another story). Feedback will determine whether or not more is added to this site.

That's it for now. Send your comments, suggestions or questions too.... howwierd@mail.com


<links>the files | thoughts | xml resources </links>
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